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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Recipe (ii)

There are four things you need in order to get the work done.

1. Time.

2. Energy & motivation.

3. The talents, abilities, etc... that are required.

4. The fourth factor is the organizational ability to put those three things together in a consistent way.

People typically think they don't have time, and many people are not confident in their abilities. Typically, lack of time is simply lack of organization. You can have a lot of time and still not get things done, or you can get things done in a narrow, finite span of time.


Anonymous said...

You also need libraries, the current writing implements, and so on, and a reasonable teaching load, money and a room of your own. Otherwise all of this is complete fantasy.

Jonathan said...

Every student has a laptop. The reasonable teaching load falls under the category of time & energy, no? A room of one's own might be at the coffee shop.