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Friday, July 31, 2015

Grilled whole chicken

I bought a small, politically correct chicken (organic, treated kindly until mercilessly slaughtered, etc...) brought it home and butterflied it by cutting out the backbone and spreading it out. I brined it for half an hour in some brine made with water, salt, and brown sugar, then grilled it on my gas grill on medium along side some small potatoes, basting some politically correct barbecue sauce on it. It took about half an hour. Arugula salad with parmesan and olives on the side. It splits easily in to halves once you split the breast into two. Then you can separate legs from breasts on one side and wings from breast on the other. I ate a wing, drumstick, and thigh from one half of the chicken and have enough left for 3 more meals.

If you butterfly the chicken it cooks more evenly because it is flat. I did the skin side last.

My theory of eating (not really a theory, but a practice) is: protein sources are meat or fish, but non-processed. I can eat as much as I want but that usually is 4-6 ounces, not 8. No bread unless I am eating a hamburger. Salad dressing is oil and various vinegars, with maybe some mustard. Cheese is always good. Starch is potatoes, mostly, with some beer. Some smoothies with fresh fruit and yogurt. No added sugars, excepts a tiny bit in sauces and marinades. Abundant seasonings, herbs and spices as the spirit moves me. V8 juice.

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