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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


My keyboard playing is improving, though I can't see progress every day. My voicing have been rather boring up to now, with the left hand playing root, third, and seventh. Right now I have to get my playing and improvisation to the level that my composition is at, rather than trying to write many more songs. The left hand patterns have to be more fluid and dynamic, in voicing, movement, and rhythm. I have to be able to play right hand chord extensions in between melodic improvisations.

With things like this, you can't see progress from day to day, but from week to week or month to month progress should be evident.


I read one book that said: first learn the melody, then the bass line, then add the thirds, mostly in the right hand, then the sevenths, mostly in the left, and finally other color notes. That allowed me to change up my voicings right away, though it was not easy at the start.

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