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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another Workshop

I am thinking of doing another workshop, but not on translation. Tell me what workshop you would sign up for in July of this year. If I get a critical mass (4 people) I will do it.

It could be on scholarly prose, poetry writing, or anything else that's of interest.


Anonymous said...

So, what's the workload / time commitment? If large, I vote scholarly prose, but if smaller, I'd vote poetry.

Jonathan said...

From me, the commitment is largish. From the students, it can be moderate -ish. I cannot force people to work harder than they want to.

Sorry to be vague. I'd probably have to do more than a month for scholarly prose, maybe 6 weeks. The translation one ended up being too short in retrospect. I will adjust extension and work-load according to what people want to do. For poetry, it would involve working on 5-10 poems (depending on how long a poem is!) and for scholarly prose, some paragraphs and some complete, discrete sections of articles. My emphasis will be on the prose itself, stylistic quality.

Anonymous said...

I'm traveling in part of July/August and it is why I voted poetry initially -- for recreation -- although I'll actually be at Stanford library 2 weeks that month.

Here is the deal: July 5 pack, July 6 fly, July 7-9 vacation, July 10-24 Stanford, July 25-August 7 vacation, transit, unpack.

With that schedule it is possible I don't actually have time for poetry and should vote scholarly prose instead, which I will be working on anyway. When I get back the schedule is syllabi & keep writing. So.

Jonathan said...

We could start in June. I'm back from Cuban on June 2. It would take me a few days to unpack and set up the course though. Still, I have no other takers yet so it might not happen at all.

Anonymous said...

You're on the Cuban bandwagon too!!! Hahaha!!!

I am looking at June 9-17 Kentucky. During this time no work realistically because I will be in a factory earning $ for the CA trip. But I am starting work on the relevant piece June 1.

It all looks complex, coordinating summer schedules.