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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Some more bad writing

Our aspirations were supported and informed by the particular structures of our institutional environment. While the tensions between the fields of Writing Studies and IL have been well documented (see Ivey, 2103; Meulemans & Carr, 2013; Kotter, 1999; among others), our work benefitted from an institutional “Kairos” (Baker & Gladis; Chapter 16, this collection; Norgaard, 2004) afforded by the fact that our library, our writing program, and our far-reaching teaching and learning center were aligned in their commitment to developing pedagogies that positioned writing as inquiry and research as rhetorical.

Karen Gocsik
University of California-San Diego
Laura R. Braunstein and Cynthia E. Tobery
Dartmouth College

It is very abstract and wordy, full of passive voice where there is no need; bureaucratic sounding. The word "Kairos" pretends to be a technical term, but it simply appears to mean an alignment of aims and aspirations. IL is apparently "information literacy." It sounds really cool for research to be rhetorical, but it is not, really. As it typical of such writing, there is proliferation of entities and actions. Afforded by the fact that ... were aligned in their commitment to develop ... pedagogies that positioned writing as... etc... Whey not say: everyone agreed that writing was inquiry and research was rhetorical?

Anyone can fill space with writing like that: "As Dean, I will prioritize strategies that ensure a commitment to developing a culture that fosters an awareness of the structural problems caused by the pressures of institutional demands amid the shifting climate of ..."

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