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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I got a cymbal for $5 at a school yard sale.  It was a Paiste "rude" china cymbal.  I figured I could sell it on eBay, which I did for over $100.  If you don't know what a China cymbal is, it has a different shape with upturned edges and a clangier sound. In the meantime I thought I'd also sell some others, so I got rid of a Zildjian  K custom 18" ride that I never play and an A Zildjian flat top ride, for over a hundred each.  I still have an auction going for a Wuhan China, which is going for about $20, so far, and for a pair of New Beat Hi Hats, which nobody has bid on yet. I must have priced them too high.  I want some better hi hats, I think, and could use my "cymbal fund" for that.

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