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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A string of creativity

I've had some productive times in the last half of this decade (so far). Out of nowhere, I started composing music in the summer of 2015. I also wrote a few books of bad poems a year later, published the second Lorca book, and began the Lorca and music project. I cannot really explain it. It is also important not to give to much emphasis to whether it's all "good." The poetry is bad on purpose, and the music depends on some cheap tricks for a lot of its effects. I'm more amazed that I can do it all, rather than being impressed with the actual results. The Lorca and music book will be good, I feel, because I can put everything I know into it, a large percentage of the scholarly base. The scholarly base is more like a reserve: no project uses all of what you know, but this will come a bit closer.

Curiously, or perhaps logically, the poetry dried up when I began the Lorca and music project. I'm not too worried about that, because it is still there.

Realizing that "anything is possible" is all well and good, but it sounds a bit like a motivational slogan with no content. What I mean by it is more that arbitrary obstacles and conventions should disappear. One example would be writing a music book without being a musicologist. Sometimes I think of something to do in class that I never would have thought of ten years ago. Nothing too radical, but I will have them write, themselves, one of the texts they are analyzing in the paper, and then attribute it to a fictional author.  

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