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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


The next step if finding a program that spits out the score of what I play.  I discovered in garage band that it will give you the notation of what you played, but with a catch. You have to play exactly with the measure lines and with a very precise intentionality to the note values--no rubato, no fermata.  My scores looked bizarre, with all the "ones" in funny places in the measure and funky sixteenth note rests and ties in funny places (not funky in the musical sense.) On my recordings of two classical pieces, let's just say the recording looked nothing like the original score. It would be like having an idiot transcribe your speech, and not because I played them incorrectly. Nobody in their right mind would want to read music written in this way. It is frustrating but hilariously funny at the same time.

Still, it is progress. If garage band does it, then other DAWs will as well, probably with better luck. I could also play with a metronome and make my notes line up mechanically, just for the purposes of having legible scores. Notating software programs are a nightmare.

It is odd that you can download a video easily into blogger, just a simple one recorded on your phone, but not a purely audio file, without a lot of complication.

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