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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I found this document on my computer:

"2006 article plan

1. Valente/Beckett. Sent to Hispanic Review January 10. * 2nd choice Comparative Literature.

2. Intravenus. Finished March 22, 2006. Sent to Revista Canadiense: March 24, 2006. [email] March 25, snail mail.

3. "Apocryphal Lorca"

4. Gamoneda's poetics. Finish by April 30.

5. Heriberto Yépez and Borges. Have ready by May 30.

6. June: Clark Coolidge?

7. July. Review article? Books on Spanish poetry.

8. August. Something for Revista de Libros?

9. September. Translation theory? Our theory doesn't match our practice. Machado.

10. October. polyrhythms?

11. November. Coral Bracho?

12. December. Formalism and historicity? Cultural studies."

I had planned to write an article every month in 2006. Number 1 worked: it was rejected by Hispanic Review but accepted by Comparative Literature, which I had as my 2nd choice. My article on Intravenus was rejected by another journal. I never published it in the end. #3 mushroomed into my book Apocryphal Lorca. Not much ever happened with 4-12, because Lorca took over the rest of 2006 and 07, although #4 might have worked its way into an article that finally came out in 2010. With some of these ideas, I don't even know any more what I was thinking. I do have a clear idea about #9, but have never sat down to write it. About #12 I have no idea at all, except that maybe it was about how literary formalism is more historicist than a cultural studies that fails to pay attention to form.

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