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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Can Contribute

You can contribute to SMT in a couple of ways.

(1) Become a "follower" if you are also a blogger. I like having a lot of followers. I have only 14 now even though on a bad day I get 50 page views.

(2) Ask a question to the prose doctor. I will answer if it is a legitimate question that I feel I can do justice to.

(3) Become a contributor. Although I am the dominant voice here quantitatively I have two other collaborators, Bob and Thomas. I'll gradually add a few more authors if I find someone else who I think would complement our collective perspectives.

(4) Comment in the comment box if you'd like.


I've introduced a few changes to the site. There are three new pages, About The Authors, Maxims, and The Plain Style. "Maxims" is a collection of pithy advice; "The Plain Style" is a manifesto of sorts. "About the Authors," of course, contains biographical sketches of the three contributors. I might add a few other pages if I think of what might be useful.


This blog is designed to serve a public function, even though it began as a way for me to keep my own research on track. If even one or two people derive benefit from it then I feel justified in spending a bit of time with it. I get new ideas for posts almost every day because I am almost always writing or evaluating someone else's writing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A cry from the wilderness. I'm a follower in the g-reader but I blog elsewhere. Thought you'd prefer a link since the connection is not obvious (or advertised)...

Keep up the great work!