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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where Did the Day Go? (4)

7:15. I get up and shower, shave today. I check my email. I put my clothes on and leave the apt.

8:15: I find myself in my office somehow with a double espresso in my hand. I write two letters of recommendation and work on the itinerary for the speaker.

9:05. I have been working hard on these things. I begin my blog post about where the day is going and how it went there. I try to think of some ideas for my 11 a.m. class. I realize I have to assign a paper topic today, so I write up that and xerox it. I sign a form that the chair wants me to sign nominating me for some university committee. I space out for a few minutes reading blogs. I still don't have any good ideas for my class.

10:10. I decide to open up my article an work on it for ten minutes. I'm not getting ideas for class anyway. I work until 10:45 on the article.

11:00-12:15. I teach my class.

12:20: I check my email. Eat lunch and talk to colleagues until about 1:15. Xerox some poems for my 3 p.m. class (to read for next Monday). I send a recommendation by fax. I look over what I have to teach today. A student comes in to talk to me. I'm told the fax didn't go through. We'll try again tomorrow.

2:30. I better concentrate on class prep now. I go to to get some coffee after reading for about 5 minutes.

3-4:20. I teach my other class.

4:20. I vegetate for a while. Check the flight status of the flight I'm meeting later. I eventually get so bored I open up my document and do a little more work on it. Curiously, the document has grown by 300 words today, even though I hardly felt I worked on it at all.

5:24. I just idly surf the net for a while.

5:40: I leave for the airport.

7:05: I pick up the speaker from the airport.

8:15: I bring the speaker to the hotel. We have dinner.

9:47. I am back at my apartment. I am not about to do any more work now.

11 p.m. Bedtime.

A busy and productive day. I managed to squeeze in some research between classes and miscellaneous tasks. There were dead times during the day, but really I was pretty busy for 13.5 hours.

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