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Sunday, February 12, 2012

15th day of the chain

Today was the 15th day of my Seinfeld chain. I barely made it yesterday, which was a horrible day in more than one way. I still did it though. Today was easy. Tomorrow looks nearly impossible.

Since the power is in the continuity, not in the efficacy of any one day's writing, I try to do something on the project every day, even when exhausted and spent like today. The writing got done, that is the important thing, not how I feel.


Clarissa said...

I felt exactly the same today. You have no idea how much this post helped me.

The result: I didn't break the Seinfeld Chain and today is Day 14 on it.

Lesson learned: even on a very bad day, one can still do something useful in terms of writing.

Professor Zero said...

...ah, but I have days upon which I make things worse, I could swear it.

Jonathan said...

Yes. It is possible to make things worse. But the damage is rarely that much in comparison with the benefit of continuity.

Professor Zero said...

True - as long as you're willing to throw the damage out - as long as the commitment to continuity doesn't mean you have to continue in some odd direction (a mistake I have made).