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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Modest Proposal

My new grandiose idea is that I would teach a poetry translation workshop in the MFA program here at Kansas. The three poets who teach graduate courses are good friends of mine and respect me, so they probably would let me do this. I am going to float this idea past them very soon.

This has to do, a bit, with my sense that all of what I know is not coming out in my teaching. I would like my teaching to reflect a more complete sense of everything I have to offer. It's not that I mind teaching advanced composition, but the question is what is the very best use of my talents, modest as they might be.

Why this never occurred to me before, I have no idea. I am in a phase now of personal and professional growth which is making me quite happy. I am allowing myself to think in these more ambitious ways, in ways I wouldn't have thought of before.

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