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Friday, March 29, 2013


From November 8 until now, I have been extremely productive even by my own inescapably high standards and have come up with ideas that surprise me. The book What Lorca Knew snowballed and now contains several completed chapters; it might even be done by the end of 2013. I even feel my writing improving. It will be a very polished book. I'm giving myself a month to finish each chapter, and then making sure I schedule additional time to make sure all the footnotes and references are complete and accurate.

The preface, introduction, and first two chapters (4 separate items) form a coherent whole devoted to the duende, mostly. Next, I have one essay on Lorca's influence in Spain, Chapter four which is a follow up to Apocryphal Lorca, and a chapter on "Queering Lorca." Finally, an epilogue with the title "Elegy for Modernism." The main intellectual heavy lifting and additional research will be the chapter on cultural exceptionalism and the chapter on Queering Lorca. I have a month by month work plan, which I change virtually every day.

My idea for the day is to link "exceptionalism" with "queering." Structurally, they obey a very similar logic. How to have an identity politics based on pure difference, with no attackable essentialism? Don't expect me to work it out today, because I only just thought of it. When I first thought of the queering chapter, two or three incarnations of this project ago, I had not yet developed my ideas about cultural exceptionalism.

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