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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adding a Chapter

What Lorca Knew

Chapter 1: Hermeneutical Introduction** 1
Chapter 2: What Lorca Knew**
Chapter 3: Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Poetics of Cultural Exceptionalism*
Chapter 4: The Grain of the Voice: Poetry and Performance*
Chapter 5: An Anatomy of Influence: Lorca in Contemporary Spanish Poetry**
Chapter 6: New York Variations: O’Hara, Motherwell, Strayhorn**
Chapter 7: A Poets’ Theater: Lorquian Drama in the US
Chapter 8: Queering Lorca
Epilogue: Elegy For Modernism

Now I've added a chapter, [chapter 7] simply because I can. I'm giving myself to the end of 2014 to finish this book off. One * means a completed chapter, two ** mean I have notes, translations, and references completed.

It no longer feels like a minor footnote to Apocryphal Lorca, but as a book as solid as that one was.

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