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Monday, July 7, 2014

Beardstubble Punctuation

Here is a new poem I wrote. I wrote it in the car in my head but then wrote it down in its present form here. The idea is that the poem would not be written or performed twice the same way. The poem is just an example of what a poem called "Beardstubble Punctuation" might look like.

(A group of singers improvises on the theme of “beardstubble punctuation.” When a singer introduces a new element, like “emotional truth,” the others stop for a moment before joining in again. The results might sound like this.)

The brain’s angry beardstubble chatter
The brain’s angry beardstubble punctuation
Tiny angry beardstubble, stubbly dots and dashes
Coarse beardstubble commas and dots
Bearded punctuation and emotional truth...

The brain’s empty emotional beardstubble chatter
Emotional beardstubble and emotional truth, emotional commas and dots
Coarse truth, coarse salt and pepper punctuation. Ground pepper and truth...

Salt now. The brain’s chattering, punctuated salt. Give me some peppered
Beardstubble, coarsely ground, emotionally salted truth and pepper.
Emotionally punctuated truth and pepper, salt and pepper.
Now salt, now pepper, tiny and angry like punctuation ants...

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