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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The funnel is everything that flows into Lorca. Everything "Lorca Knew."

A second image would be everything surrounding Lorca, "Lorca y sus circunstancias."

A third conception is everything based on Lorca, flowing out of him.

So there are three conceptions of Lorca, past, present, and future. Apart from the idea of "Lorca, himself." That makes four.

You can talk about what traditions Lorca took from the past (the funnel).

You can talk about Lorca in his own historical context, his historical present.

Or Lorca's after-life.


So an example of the first: Lorca and Góngora.

2: Lorca and Dalí.

3: Lorca and Jack Spicer.

4: An analysis of a work by Lorca himself.


el curioso impertinente said...

Do you make a distinction between intuition and conscious knowledge? Although the old-fashioned image of FGL as the juglar has thankfully been put to rest, there's still a clear difference, I think, between FGL's overall approach to "knowledge" and that of someone like Guillen or Salinas.

Jonathan said...

I do make that distinction. I also distinguish between someone who studies more pragmatic dimensions, like stage-craft and performance, and those who study poetry as something more static on the page. So who is a greater literary theorist, D. Alonso or Lorca? The comparison is tricky. I'm sure we've all know people who know a lot about poetry but really don't know anything. All their knowledge seems external and beside the point. You'll have to read my book when it comes out. I try to explain all of this.