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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fairies de Norteámerica

Fairies de Norteamérica

Lorca had just been in New York. He began to write the poem there.

Pájaros de la Habana

that is his next stop; he finished the poem there

Jotos de México

We are still in the Americas...

Sarasas de Cádiz
Apios de Sevilla

Two cities in Andalusia

Cancos de Madrid

We move up from Seville to Madrid and then to

Flores de Alicante

Eastward to the Mediterranean coast

Adelaidas de Portugal

West again, this time to a country, not a city.

Overall, we have three slang terms from the Americas, four from Spain, and one from Portugal. All but one are from the Spanish / Luso world. Of course, the umbrella term covering them all is "marica."

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