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Friday, November 14, 2014

Adonis sur Lorca

Il y'a des poètes qui conservent, même traduits, leur force mais ils sont rares. On peut citer le poète espagnol Lorca. Même traduit, on sent toujours qu'on est face à un grand poète. Mais c'est rare de trouver parmi les poètes espagnols traduits une présence aussi forte que celle de Lorca.


Vance Maverick said...

Do you take this as in some sense true? Or more as a way of saying he likes Lorca?

Jonathan said...

C'est vrai. Some poets do come through more in translation. Of course, it is unverifiable, because you or I might not feel this way about any particular poet. But it is a fact that this opinion has been expressed about Lorca by Adonis and by others, and about other poets as well.

I don't think this is just a way of saying he likes Lorca, because it comes up in a discussion of translation, not a discussion of Lorca. I could imagine a poet I liked but thought untranslatable.