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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jump Start Your Day

I wasn't doing particularly well this morning, and left home around 10:15. A very young-looking woman with a small child stopped me in the parking lot and asked me to jump start her car. We hooked up the cables to her vw bug and it started. It took about 5 minutes and I felt very boy-scoutish. It was a good way of jump start my day. I can change a tire, jump start a car, check the oil, fill the windshield wiper fluid--and that's about all. A small modest competence is a good start anywhere.


Thomas said...

I have similar experiences. Cyril Connolly: "...there is no happiness except through freedom from Angst and only creative work, communion with nature, and helping others are anxiety-free." (The Unquiet Grave, p. 37-8)

Gina Hiatt, Ph.D. said...

That feeling of self-efficacy can make you feel better able to do anything. I find that when I'm feeling unfocused and overwhelmed, just talking to a client or colleague and realizing I DO know something, makes me able to write better later.