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Thursday, February 26, 2015

365 Poems. 1: "Canción tonta"

I'd like to do this. Each day feature a poem, one that I have memorized. Today, "Canción tonta," by FGL.

It is a dialogue poem, a genre of Lorca's poetry I want to study.

A child asks his mother to be of silver, of water, and the mother says: you will be very cold. Then he says, sew me into your pillow. The mother agrees: "Eso sí, ahora mismo."

What I like about the dialogues is that there is not poetic "I." There are dramatic, but not dramatic monologues. Profacero posted one on her blog recently from Libro de poemas.

There are two rhymes going on: plata / agua / almohada and hijo / frío / mismo.

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Anonymous said...

Canción tonta is one of the best of these. Related but from another book: Casida de las palomas oscuras.