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Sunday, August 9, 2015

MLA paper notes

Vallejo leads right to Gelman and Milán: logopoeia, verbal poetry. The anti-modernism of US poetics, of a certain stripe, wanting to save only a very narrow (and misunderstood) surrealism, devoid of both logos and melos. This is the type of thing I mean, quoting Charles Simic:

"In the early poems, the idea was to make poems entirely of images, not caring too much about sound, using the simplest possible vocabulary." Yes, that's why I can't stand him.

The anti-modernist argument in Milosz & Davie. The Eastern European dissident turns to realist (social realist) aesthetics. The right and the left unite in disliking modernism. This goes back to Lucacks on Beckett. (I know, I can never spell his name.)

Vallejo's Marxism never leads him to social realism, even if he wanted to do that he wouldn't have been able to.

My MLA paper is looking to be too long. Michelle Clayton's book is turning out to be very useful, since it is always better to have someone else make your background points for you.

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