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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 diary so far

Inane anecdotes
maybe a turn of phrase
thought up in the shower


Lost, magnetic money clip--
I saw it after several months
as I stooped to fill an air mattress--
clinging to the metal side of
glass top desk


Rosemary and thyme
a professor's dinner
or popular song?



Little golden rooster,
tell me your secret

The Rooster

Lift up with your cry
the tombstone of night



One day on the keyboard

my right hand knew what to do


To be professor

I don't need biceps


Two accidents happened at once:

I melted a spatula in the frying pan

I wrote a new song


There is a season for being pedantic

but this is not it


Walking out into the street two middle-aged Spanish novelists recall the elegant women of their youth,

movie stars, their mothers and aunts photographed as movie stars


I want to play jazz piano and have a girlfriend who wears lipstick.


I relearn the bass line to "Bemsha Swing"

My stubby fingers play fast scales

I buy a notebook for these poems but write them down in the computer instead

Prednisone makes the world seem unreal




Two sprigs of rosemary plucked
from the sidewalk, squeezed
between fingers. Its smell.
It lasts still, I say every time.

[Miguel Casado]


Vile coffee shop smooth jazz mix
interrupted by Bach's cello
or Monk!



To bad translations of Rilke that made us fall in love with Rilke

To fountain pens I don't know how to use and soap that slips through my fingers

Clumsy fingers that nevertheless manage to fold the omelette

And figure out all by themselves the fingering to a scale

To amateur talent shows with their unexceptional beauties

To the twenty-thousand breaths of a day and other pointless calculations

Let us not redact or renege, refute or renegotiate

The warmth of April evenings or the taste of a pear




Anxiety, old friend,

feel free to come and go, but not to stay

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