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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Self-Improver

Ok.  I am the classic self-improver. I take piano and voice lessons. I try to make every article better than the last one. The self-improver makes lists of weaknesses and addresses them systematically.  A weakness is usually an opportunity to do something different. If you aren't improving, you might be just getting worse, because without change things get stale--or simply decay.

This does not mean that I will improve in everything or never go in the opposite direction.

I know this is a bit corny, but it is really what I believe.

For example:

I could make a list of my strengths and weaknesses in piano playing:

*I have good basic harmonic knowledge
*I am familiar with a lot of songs
*I have nice melodic conceptions; I can write catchy tunes
*A good work ethic

*I don't have very much technique. I can only reach an octave
*My voicings are limited. I tend to be stuck in triads and don't have a mastery of quartal voicings.
*My comping is rhythmically somewhat stiff. I play a lot of whole notes and half notes.
*My improvisations are not particularly fluid

I am honestly more excited about my weaknesses, because those are things I can work on.

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