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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tier Two

Once you realize that tier 2 activities are supportive of tier 1, then the former will seem less onerous. So I always resist cleaning, but if I can think of it as something that will create a conducive environment for productive work- / love- / music- making, then cleaning seems more valuable.


I continue with life hack #1, which is to do something life-changing or impactful every day. I've cleaned my home office and started on the office here on campus and the bedroom.  I'm continuing to aim to complete a major article / chapter / proposal every month. I have one planned for Dec.


Also, interviewed (with my own department) to be Chair.  I will need to institute some hacks if I am chosen for this position.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am working on making sure my level 1.5 activities really get me into Tier 2 as opposed to pull me into lowest tier. Just going to 2 as opposed to trying to get approval for it (so to speak) is a good strategy when possible.

If you become chair you will find out a lot of things you would rather not know, and that you did not know were Things. Hmmm... but I do think everyone should put in a chair stint.

Anonymous said...

OK. The hacks for being chair are:
1. Having plenty of very well publicized office hours that are for faculty, but not letting them rush you during the time you need for you.
2. Visiting faculty, reaching out to them, talking to them.
3. Resisting attempts from administrators to bully you or seduce you.
4. Expecting to discover all sorts of distressing things about relations among your colleagues that you wish you did not know about, hatreds you were unaware of and so on, and somehow protecting yourself against the depression and disillusionment this could bring on.
5. Realizing that people you dislike may not dislike you, and people who appear to like you may not have your best interests at heart.