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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Dream

In a dream there was a thing I was involved in at the university in which one had someone else convince oneself of the interest of one's own research. So I had to explain my own research, leave for a few minutes, and then listen to a presentation by someone else about it. The purpose was not clear. At one point, one of the young women involved in the project (they were all young attractive women though this was not explicitly sexual dream) took me to task for aspiring to write a "rough" version of my proposal, in violation of my own principles that you should never produce a rough draft.


Leslie said...

This is a really interesting dream on perspective and looking at oneself / one's work if you take the point of view that all characters are aspects of yourself. It is as though the dream had taken Jungian methodology and then had staged an interpretation of itself within itself. I am not sure what it means.

Jonathan said...

Yes. So what it means is I have to outsource part of my scholarly self-promotion to the part of myself that is a young, enthusiastic woman who knows marketing.

Leslie said...

OMG. So it is this scene I have seen in real life: male full professor fascinated by advanced graduate student because she is explaining his work to him and it is very convenient (because useful, and also interesting to see how someone else would do it). That is just too cheesy, something else must be made of it.

Jonathan said...

Yes. I am even surprised that I dreamed that because I had no idea that it was part of my fantasy life, cheesy as that might be. Of course it's never happened and I wouldn't ever admit wanting it to.