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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Psychological health

Here is a post quite similar to my awesome life hack 2.  The always brilliant Clarissa has a list of two kinds of activity, like binge watching and pointless channel and web surfing. Those are what I call tier 3 activities.  Then she has a list of other things, like playing music, writing poetry, cooking, and exercising, that belong to what I call the first two tiers.

As you remember, the first tier consists of activities that are valuable for their own sake.  You'd do them even if they didn't produce any other benefit because they are themselves the benefit.  I have a second tier that consists of supportive activities like cleaning and organizing.  You might do these things in order to support the first tier.  Clarissa's solution is more elegant than mine, since that are only two categories.

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Leslie said...

Yes, I like hers. There is something about having only two categories that makes it easier to work. Either you are doing something healthful, or not, and if you are drawn to the unhealthful activities, you should not try to renounce them in a puritanical-type way. Yours is cool but I find it stressful to try to divide "support" and peak-type activities (I think, anyway), and I find the exhortation not to avoid "tier 1" if you are drawn to it makes it a lot less attractive.