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Saturday, November 4, 2017


Now, I would also like to bring up how I was treated in this affair. I have been bullied, victimised and abused by a number of ‘poets’ who thought it was necessary to act like a lynch mob. One ‘poet’ wrote “Head ———> Pike” in a Facebook comment about me. Another ‘poet’ suggested I be put in the stocks and alluded I should be put to death. Such behaviour really isn’t on. I have become extremely depressed by their actions and don’t deserve it. There is no excuse. I have written somewhere between 5 – 600 poems over the last eight/nine years. I intend to write more. I do not believe I should have to throw away several years worth of work over isolated incidents which I deeply regret. I am not, for the record, a compulsive plagiarist who gets a rush from doing it. I’m not that person. Please believe me…. I am not the complete monster that a lot of people think I am. I am a human being and deserve better.


Clarissa said...

Wow, each story more incredible than the last. This one is completely out of this world. I don't understand what happens in a person's mind for them to publish she such an indignant and passionate self-defense when they so clearly and shamelessly plagiarized.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am convinced that everything I've got is plagiarized. Se debe todo a todos and it's one of the main reasons I don't write publically more than I do. But if actually accused I'd be like hmm, well, let me withdraw this piece pending...and we'd be investigating to see whether it counted as plagiarism or not. If not, I'd not be publishing about the accuser, and ideally they might not even be getting a bad name from me privately, although they probably would be, because I am not perfect.

Anonymous said...

5-600 poems? Or poims, or powems? Why is it so hard to count?

A few isolated and deeply regretted incidents?

Where were the editors at this point, I would really like to know? I mean, this person publishes a lot? I only get about 5 of 600 poems into journals in the first place. Would my rat be better if I plagiarized? What is this?

Anonymous said...