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Monday, November 27, 2017

Razor's Edge

 As part of my project "razor's edge" I outlined my goals as related to music. As you can see, it is not just "get to be a better piano player," but a good deal more than that. I basically want to retire to being a songwriter, as my full time hobbyjob, in 10 years time. I started this project in Sept. 2015, without knowing that it was the start of something. I figure need to be about 80% of where a truly good pianist is, though that is a nebulous concept because 80% of what, exactly?  For me it might mean playing tastefully and tastily within my particular technical limits. I'm about 30% now, realistically. Writing out these goals makes me realize that I need to focus on one thing, like mastering Sibelius, that is holding me back from other things.   

Overall goal:

Be a songwriter able to play and sing my own songs in public and to record own cds. 

Specific Goals

Play piano and sing at 80% level
Compose at 90% level
Record cds of my music

Steps already taken

Write songs  
Take voice lessons
Take piano lessons
Establish piano practice routine
Learn to read lead sheets / basic jazz triadic voicings
Acquire keyboard
Join choir and participate in performances
Experiment with recording self in library
Perform in talent show
Begin to improvise walking bass lines and “rhythm changes”
Use phone app to notate leads sheets of own songs

Next steps

Master Sibelius software
Go to open mics
Improve reading / sight-reading
Work on lyric writing / have lyrics for at least 5 songs

Further Steps

Learn quartal voicings / jazz comping at a fluid level
Improve ear and listening ability
Improvise at high level
Play more with other musicians 
Learn arranging / more sophisticated compositional techniques
More advanced and detailed knowledge of harmony
Write for SATB or other formats 
Lose fear of other recording technologies

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