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Saturday, April 28, 2018

100 rejections

I've had some rejections, including one very discouraging one, but then some things that worked out to, to the tune of $16,000 dollars so far. I've had many poems rejected, to the point that I don't even feel those as rejections at all. (Applied for some internal things in the university that will give me some extra cash for the next three years.).

 I applied to be Associate Dean for Research. I might not get that, but I can just count it toward my 100 rejections. I applied for a conference, got accepted, and then decided I shouldn't go because it seemed slightly off in the way it was being organized.

The rejection therapy project is a kind of dumb thing, but I am modifying it to make it work for me. The way it was proposed was to ask strangers for dumb things, like asking them whether you can photograph yourself playing soccer in their back yards.  I'm not doing to do that.

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