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Monday, April 23, 2018


The new job trend is to adjunct for free (hat tip to Clarissa). Let's hope this doesn't catch on.  The positions are described as "zero time."  Nice euphemism! The University will try to recruit alumni for this, presumably grads of Southern Illinois University who are still in the area.  A zero time appointment, for zero money, is one you should spend zero time on.  People should sign up for it and then not show up. Then, when asked, should say that they are spending zero time, just as advertised.


Anonymous said...

Not show up, clever.

This gets them a title, an affiliation, and access to the library.

Clarissa said...

People in our profession are very easily guilt-tripped. I know people who routinely teach 1-3 unpaid extra courses per semester because "if you don't do it, the students won't be able to graduate, the program will be closed down, you are letting us out." It seems to require the presence of mind that is uncommon in our profession to resist the guilt-tripping.