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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Concert

The concert was fun.  We sang arrangements of "Here we come a'caroling," "Deck the Halls," "Silent Night." A version of "Twinkle Twinkle."  "Stars" with a text by Sara Teasdale (Esenvalds). "Jessye's Carol." "Brightest and Best." Things like that.  And "Something like a star" by Randall Thompson.


Vance Maverick said...

What part do you sing?

I'm a bass, which suits me well. Not sure I'd enjoy being a choir tenor -- though the alto parts tend to be even more awkwardly constrained.

Jonathan said...

Tenor. Bass parts are much easier to pick out than the middle voices. On the other hands, we have 15 basses and six tenors, and multiple women, so I feel I am more valuable to the choir.

Vance Maverick said...

Yes, weakness in the tenor section is bad. Our choir recently got an infusion of new singers there, and we're suddenly sounding much better.