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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dream of "Instructions for Living"

In this dream I was with the Friday night dinner group. We were at some kind of park or campground. Someone asked me to write a text similar to what I had done the week before, something like "Instructions of Living."  Apparently it had contributed to the success of someone's political campaign and had been a huge hit. Someone gave me instructions about including well wishes for a particular football team as well. I was handed a small piece of paper. I tried to find someplace to sit, but everyone was smoking and I had to go to the edge of the park. My daughter had written some notes on the paper like "do the right thing" and "prefer peace to war," but I couldn't remember how to write the particular kind of text that I was being asked to write.  


Earlier in the night I was with Ray Charles, and he was explaining his vocal technique, saying that in whatever he sang there was a "buzz." My daughter had had a traumatic incident that had shaken her confidence to the core. I was trying to figure out what it was in order to help her recover he otherwise unshakable resilience. It came out that there had been an incident of gender discrimination against her. I worked hard to bolster her confidence again.  

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Leslie B. said...

As I have said before I haven't remembered dreams consistently in a long time and so envy you -- I used to have vivid memories to think about every morning. Now in dreams though, that I don't remember well, I've got a child, a baby, that is evidently mine and that I am making sure to protect. We seem to go to a lot of parks, full of flowers, with a navy-blue pram. I've got 1930s-style shoes and the child has a white knit hat, cap, or hood with frills around the edges. From the theory that all characters in a dream are oneself, the child would be me.

I used to dream that I was recording research notes and ideas for future papers onto audio cassettes and putting them in the freezer so I could retrieve them when the war was over. Before that, when I was a child, I dreamed I was that Quaker activist, what was her name, she smuggled people out of occupied Europe. All three of these dreams seem interrelated. The current dream seems to be a post-war one.