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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Dream of Herbie Hancock

 Herbie and I were going to travel someplace. We were sitting in an auditorium waiting for our names to be called.  


Later, a bunch of people were taking taxis up and down the street. At one point we stopped for coffee. At the coffee shop, a woman who didn't speak Spanish (we were in a Spanish speaking country) stepped behind the counter to make her own coffee at the espresso machine. I told her in English not to do this. The employees were trying to get her to stop too, and then she accidentally set herself on fire. I put out the fire with my hands as she stepped back from behind the counter. Then another very small woman tried to comfort her by hugging her and kissing her on both cheeks. 

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Leslie B. said...

You do not think you are yet Herbie, but you would really like to try to get entirely into the music in his way.