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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

My colleague in Slavic wrote this

 reading Russian literature

What do you think? I'm not crazy about this type of articles.  It is well intentioned, but to me it seems like a mishmash.  


Leslie B. said...

F***. So my direct ancestor, a capitalist yet "spiritual," used to hang out with Tolstoi, Pasternak, Akhmetoa, etc., and read and be friends and so on.

I am speaking to my cousins on Telegram now. Some are in RU, some have already managed to get to other countries, and the ones in Latvia and Ukraine, our closest connections, have been dead since 1941.

Stop every apology and glory to Ukraine, I say it in the name of: Israel Lazer Bary, Mitava; Moses Israel Bary, Mitava; Benjamin Moses Bary, Mitava/Paris/Berlin/Königsberg/ St. Petersburg/Geneva/Detroit; Emil Benjamin Bary, Chicago/Maine/Los Angeles/Oakland; Arthur Emil Bary, Los Angeles/San Francisco; David Alan Bary, Berkeley/Santa Barbara/Minnesota; and myself, Leslie Bary, currently located at the airport in Houston. This is my line and I speak on Telegram to our cousins in Russia every day and we all say Glory to Ukraine, no apologies.

I have people pursued by the Russian secret police since the 18th century *that we know of.* My ancestor was exiled from RU due to his correspondence with Marx among other signs.

I cannot believe anyone is able to try to be "subtle" about the current situation.

Leslie B. said...

*** of course actually the one with those literary connections was not my direct ancestor, he was the brother of my direct ancestor (Alexander Benjamin, older brother of Emil Benjamin, my great-grandfather, see above).

I could go on but really, f*** literature at this point, send me a Bayraktar. There is no interpretation to be done, nothing soulful to be done, people must move ahead. Glory to Ukraine, the sun will rise there soon and the day will be long. On it depends the possibility of you and me continuing to play with poetry or not.

Leslie B. said...

There is a misspelling above. *Akhemetova. We are proud to have known her and people are posting her handwriting on Facebook right now before it really goes dark. I cannot believe fools try to "complicate" (they mean justify) and I cannot stand postmodernism at all, at this point.

Leslie B. said...

*Akhmetova. I still don't spell right. Анна Ахматова.

Leslie B. said...

But anyway and more seriously: we gave a Nobel Prize to P. Handke, that genocide denier.
We read US literature, and US is imperialist, etc. We read Spanish literature form the time of burnings at the stake. Etc. I don't see what the point of this person's piece is.

Jonathan said...

I guess... My objection is that I don't want to hear about the great Russian soul right now. Of course, I can't say anything because she is well liked here. She had these other thought pieces about what Tolstoy can teach us about Me Too. My tolerance for that level of thing is very low.

Leslie B. said...

Oh, there are very spiritual Russians and so on. I don't like Tolstoi, way too sexist and pedantic and terminally screwed up. But one can study him -- I just don't like that kind of piece, either.