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Monday, May 23, 2022


 La Tsubasa dormia amb la galta al coixí i la boca lleugerament oberta. La seva respiració no podria haver estat més silenciosa, i el cos pràcticament no se li movia; només, de tant en tant, li tremolaven una mica les espatlles. 

Murakami, Haruki. 1Q84. Llibres 1 i 2 (EMPURIES NARRATIVA) (Catalan Edition) (p. 335). Grup 62. Kindle Edition. 

Notes:  Catalan uses a definite article with names, so "la Tsubasa" means just "Tsubasa."

Tsubasa slept with her cheek? on the pillow? and her mouth slightly open. Her breath could not have been quieter, and her body practically did not move; only, from time to time, her shoulders trembled a bit.  

This is practically transparent to me.  I can guess from context that galta is a check and coixí a pillow. Lleugerament sounds like "ligeramente," [lightly], but slightly makes more sense in English.  

It's a bit of a cognitive burden to read it in Catalan, especially since is very long novel.  I love Murakami, and I love Catalan, but somehow I don't love Murakami in Catalan.  

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