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Wednesday, June 15, 2022


 I used to support the ACLU, and even had a birthday fundraiser for them a few years ago, but I now see FIRE moving into the space traditionally staked out by the ACLU.  

My issues: 

*They want to position themselves as a Social Justice org rather than a Civil Liberties one. So it only will stand up for freedom of left-wing speech. If you only support freedom for people who already agree with you, then you don't really support freedom of speech at all, do you? 

*They have a hard time speaking clearly.  They had a tweet with a quote from RBG in which they substituted the word "[person]" in brackets to the word "woman," the word that she had used. If you can't say woman, then you can't be an advocate for women's rights. They can't seem to say that abortion is a women's issue.  In another tweet, they said that abortion restrictions had a disproportionate effect on LGBTQ communities.  I think not. Surely its "disproportionate" effect is on heterosexual women.  ?? 

[Yes, I know some in the LGBTQ+ etc... can be pregnant, too, but the idea is proportionality.] 

*The Amber Heard fiasco. They ghost-wrote an OPED in WAPO by the actress, which was then the center of a libel suit. It just isn't good optics for them. Putting their fate in with hers was a complete disaster for them.  

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