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Thursday, June 2, 2022


 As I suspected, I got invited to review Noel Valis's book on Lorca's afterlife.  I said no, as I will to all other requests.  I just cannot feel objective about it.  Now I know we are never objective, in the true sense, but in this case I cannot separate my own views for long enough to give a balanced view. 

It is not even that I disagree with her. I just don't feel like writing a review that would mostly be defending my own territory, or deliberately trying to bend over backwards not to defend it. That seems pointless as well.  


Leslie B. said...

So it is finally out?

Leslie B. said...

(You know I am against her now because of that sexual harassment thing. Supercilious woman. Work surely interesting, and all.)

Jonathan said...

Who did she harass? Or was it that she didn't protest against others? The book is out; the publishers are sending me a copy.