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Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Night of Dreams

 I was in Africa. I was surprised by how fast I got from South Africa to Morocco on my way to maybe Egypt. Our friend T. was part of the trip. I was worried about losing passport. 


I was teaching a seminar. The students started having conversations among themselves instead of addressing the entire class. I told them not to, but they continued. I became very angry and stood up and threatened them with a long pole I happened to be holding. (I knew I would be in trouble for this.) The next meeting, they did it again, and the male students were starting to argue with each other. I didn't know there names because it was the beginning of the semester. I stopped them again, and had a female student explain why it wasn't good to do this. She said that the whole class needed to reap the benefit from their brilliant remarks (something like that) and that it was discourteous, etc... 


There was a dinner party at the house of S and B (real friends of ours). It was some special occasion, and the placemats or menus had all our names printed (8 of us). It was the "Friendship Dinner." I was wondering why we were invited and many others in our friend group were not.  (Normally at their house there would be as many as 30-40 people.) 

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