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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Dream of Footrace

 I was discovered to be a relatively fast sprinter, since I won a race in 7.4 seconds, with very little effort. Supposedly it was a 10 meter dash (that wouldn't be fast, but that was what it was in the dream context). I think I was young in this dream (maybe 16), or else I was middle-aged and discovered that I could still run.  When I woke up but still in a daze I sincerely believed myself to be a swift runner for a few minutes. 


There was some kind of armed conflict between a group of vigilantes and a criminal gang. (I wasn't in this dream, but watching it as in movie.) The gang was going to retaliate against the vigilantes, and the latter were in a room with guns drawn, all pointing to the door through which the gang members would presumably come in.  It was absurd, since it was not clear how soon the gang would discover the location of the vigilantes. You couldn't just stand there for days staring at the door, thought.  

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