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Monday, March 7, 2011

12 Hour Days

I have one of those 12.5 hour days.

8: Do prep work for a committee I'm on. Correct proofs for book review.

9-11: Office hours and prepare class. meet with prospective students.

11-12:15. Class

12:15. Lunch with Graduate Student who wants to discuss Graduate Education with me. [Oops, better postpone that till Wed.]

12:30-2:30. Committee meeting.

2:30-3. Meet with prospective Graduate Students.

3-4:20. Graduate Course.

4:30-5:15: I'll be reading your comments, members of the writer's group.

5:30. Dinner with visiting poet, Rachel Blau DuPlessis.

7:30-8:30. Poetry reading.

I'm not complaining, because most days are not like that and, really, I love my job more than several aspects of my life not related to my job.

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