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Friday, March 11, 2011

Writing Group (switching to private blog)

I'm switching the writers group to a private blog. I will invite each member to be an author of the blog, so please send me you email address to jmayhew@ku.edu. The blog is there already, but only authors will be able to read it.

The idea is that writers might not want their senior colleagues / dissertation advisors to see their private struggles with writing. Also, by giving other members of the group full posting privileges, I won't have to do that with SMT itself.

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Thomas said...

This is a good idea. In our groups (which meet IRL) we commit each other to confidentially in order to foster a frank exchange of ideas. Also, since we work in the same environment, I keep faculty and PhD students separate (two different groups). But this may not be quite as important online, where people's real-life paths are less likely to cross.