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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Writing Group

The writing group is going well at the other, private blog. We have about 10 members so it is pretty much full, though i will accept an 11th if someone else wants to join.

We basically identify five elements: the long-term project, the short term project, the weekly goal, whether last week's goal was accomplished, and if not, why not. It's very simple, but the simplicity is the trick of it, so to speak. A more complex system would not work as well because it would not be as clear. Basically, there is no place to hide.


Clarissa said...

The group is helping already. I've done a lot more this Wednesday than any other Wednesday since the start of the semester.

Wordsmith Cook said...

I would love to become a part of the writing group. If the 11th place is still available may I join in ?

Jonathan said...

I accepted someone last night, so I have eleven including myself. I cannot moderate a group larger than that. Thanks for your interest and I'm sorry there's no more room.

You can start your own group with the principles I have outlined. All you really need is single other individual.