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Saturday, June 18, 2011

List of Tasks

When I'm trying to finish one major task, like a chapter, that is the only thing on my agenda. I don't give myself credit for doing other extraneous things. It is a little daunting having a to-do list with a single item, so I make a list of tasks on a separate document like this:
Introduction: June 16.
1 Spain vs. Andalusia. June 18.
2 Spain vs. rest of Europe
3 Performance vs. inspiration
4 A theory of Lorca himself, his own poetics, vs. a theory of artistic creation (or performance) in general.
Barthes comparison
Bibiography and footnotes

I write down the date I finish each task. In this case, my deadline is July 31, and I have six major tasks left. I have several trips before the end of July, so I I need to account for that time, but even so I have ample time to finish.

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