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Saturday, February 18, 2012


For years I've wanted to be the ambitious research guy, the one who out-publishes every one else. I am, pretty much, the archetype of that guy, and I always will be.

Now, however, aside from the 1-3 hours I spend a day on research, I'd also like to do some other things. Now I am seeing the research as just one plank in the platform.

The other things I am working on are

(1) Self-care. Eating better and exercising. Meditation. Various other kinds of positive things that will lead me to have a satisfying personal life. (Or a personal life, period.)

(2) Mentorship and advocacy. Helping other people achieve their goals, whether these people are readers of my blog, friends, or students.

I don't see this as having a balance between work and life, but as having various aspects of work and non-work life be parts of the entire package. This blog is mainly about those 2 hours of writing I try to do in a day, but there is a lot more going on with me than that.

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