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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 8

On day 8 of my Seinfeld Chain I am seeing my project much more clearly. I can envision a completion date, even. I realize that if I continue to work more or less randomly on the seven chapters for the rest of the month of Feb. (and pretty much every day), then I will have a good base for each chapter to be completed in about month or a month and a half each. In March - December of 2012 I could finish two books, before I resume teaching in January '13. But only if I continue the chain method. March I would do Chapter 2 (the intro is chapter 1). I know I could do this because this is already one of the best developed chapters. April is my last full month of teaching, so after that I have May - December (summer plus sabbatical).

I also realized what my project Lorca: modelo para armar is really about: restoring Lorca to modern critical theory and, simultaneously, to the modern poetic tradition itself. Those two projects are joined at the hip, because I need modern theory in order to explain how he is a modern poet.

Of course, there is a basis is the previously existing Lorca criticism for my project, but I still think my book will be an extremely significant and influential one. I hope you will forgive me thinking this. It is not really me talking, it is the enthusiasm I have derived from the chain of continuous days working on the project.

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