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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Here is the record I kept of my writing on the introduction to a book I am writing. I started with 411 words, then it snowballed from there. Mirth and Henry's are caf├ęs in Lawrence.

(Before: 411.)
Nov. 7, 2011: 1336. (3 pomodoro sessions)
Nov. 8: 1627 (1 pomodoro session)
Nov 9: 1926 (1 pomodoro session)
Nov. 10: 2292 (1 pomodoro session)
Dec. 3: 2957 (2 pomodoro sessions)
Dec. 4: 4140 (1 pomodoro session [mostly copy and paste])
Dec. 7 4488 (1 pomodoro session) [added chapter on queer]
Dec. 19 5077 (2 pomodoro sessions)
Dec. 21 2943 (1 pomodoro session / broke off two chapters)
January 21: 1524. (1 pomodoro session / broke off remaining chapters)
January 25: 1531 (Writing at Mirth)
January 27: 1677 (Mirth)
January 29: 2124 (3 Pomodoro sessions)
Jan. 30: 2801 (solo writing at Henry’s)
Jan. 31: 3356. [writing in office before and between classes]
Feb. 1: 4040. [writing while proctoring exam]
Feb. 2: 4246. [writing in office and between classes]
Feb. 3: 4408 [Writing in Hotel. day 6 of chain]
Feb. 5 / 4448 [Hotel]
Feb. 7 / 4757 [writing in office before class]
Feb. 8. / 5537 [mirth]


nh2k5 said...

o_O! My personal record is about 2 or 3 hundred words. Very intense words of course. I can write a lot less if I'm in the right mood :)

Jonathan said...

I get 100 just for showing up and making a few rough notes or finishing some incomplete sentences. Of course, there comes a point when a day's work makes the word count lower rather than higher. When the draft is complete then it typically becomes shorter with each day of work. At the beginning of a project, with a lot of brainstorming, I can increase the word count by 1,000 in a good day.

Clarissa said...

How long is your Pomodoro session? I thought it was supposed to be 25 minutes, no?

Jonathan said...