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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"The reason why I always thought that academic writing was hard is because I wasn’t doing enough of it."

Great insight here from Clarissa. She is one of the success stories of SMT. She has read the blog for a while now and and has been able to implement the suggestions in her working life, with satisfying results. Recently, she has had three articles accepted for publication. That is a a lot of articles to be accepted, since a half-dozen makes for a good basis for a tenure case.

It is hard to write one (and only one) article a year. Writing a bit more is easier, because then you are assuming the responsibility of being a scholar as part of your normal, everyday job. Writing one article a year is like taking one bicycle ride a year. It is very hard: you have to get your bike out, put air in the tires, wipe the cobwebs off, find your helmet. You won't even be in shape to ride the bike. Riding a few times a week, however, is very easy.

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Clarissa said...

"She is one of the success stories of SMT"

- Thank you. :-) I had a lot of resistance to many of the suggestions on this blog initially. But as soon as I decided to give them a try, I saw a huge difference in my productivity.

Writing has become so much easier. I could have never imagined that this was possible.