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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Article Submitted

So I actually submitted an article this morning, having changed it from a chapter to article. I noticed it had some signposting in it, that I didn't feel like eliminating, so it is not completely "classic" in style. It also had some 1st person singular language. That's fine. If it is turned down for that it makes very little difference to my career. If it is accepted, then I will have an article written in that "voice."


Andrew Shields said...

First-person singular can appear in classic style, can't it?

I always distinguish the use of first person to contrast with summaries/quotations of what other says from the use of first person elsewhere that risks deflating the confidence with which claims are presented.

Jonathan said...

You are right, but what I meant was that I wasn't conscious of being "classic" when I wrote this article. It was prior to my decision to write (mostly) in this style. Some of the 1st person language may or may not be compatible with my current stylistic norms.