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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The blogger who goes by the name of Profacero had an insight today that I think is useful. Every kind of learning is like foreign language learning: it must be practiced in short, regular daily sessions. Feast and famine does not work for any subject, any kind of consistent learning.


Andrew Shields said...

A little bit of Basboll influence there, too? Profacero has recently discovered RSL.

profacero said...

No, only recently commented.

And yes I like his blog title but that is affinity and solidarity, not influence.

And part of the reason I hate professors and academics is their assumption that if women ever say anything lucid they are quoting a man.

Andrew Shields said...

Sorry, I misread how you put it in the comment. I thought you had just discovered RSL.

As for influence, perhaps I am projecting my gratitude to RSL (and SMT for that matter) for their influence on my own ideas.